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Fragile Day by Wilderland


Wilderland is Kat Sanchez and Scott Blum
Photograph by Madisyn Taylor

Heralding from the mountains of Ashland, Oregon, Wilderland is an electronic chamber folk duo that features singer-songwriters Scott Blum and Kat Sanchez. A veteran from the music industry, Blum (multimedia producer for Peter Gabriel, Soundgarden and many others) balances the exquisite vocal stylings of Sanchez who had been a member of a wide range of local bands most of her life. Taking their name from a Joni Mitchell song by way of Tolkien, the duo came together musically in 2008 because of their mutual love of both 80's New Wave and early 70's psychedelic Acid Folk music. Assimilating their influences into a wholly unique sound that balanced classic songwriting craft with evocative melodies and lyrics they enlisted cellist and vocalist Julia Papps to help round out their sound and begin recording the suite of songs the duo had written.

Wilderland then collaborated with renowned underground DJ and multi-instrumentalist Rara Avis (Desert Dwellers, Shaman's Dream) to co-produce the album with Blum and realize their musical vision. It was during these studio sessions that the unimaginable Gulf Oil Spill tragedy happened which deeply affected all involved in the project. Ironically, the song Fragile Day was being worked on at that very moment and when explaining the song's lyrics to Avis, Blum realized that a powerful synchronicity was afoot. The song included the lyric "Fish are dimming while they're swimming / Blackened ocean of foam" which although written nearly two years prior, was about fish dying because of an oil spill. Credit is given to Blum's wife Madisyn Taylor who suggested that Fragile Day be released immediately with all proceeds benefiting the habitat affected by the oil spill.

Also touched by the horrific environmental tragedy, music industry superstars Toby Wright (Grammy award winning producer of Alice in Chains, Korn, 3 Doors Down, etc.) and Stephen Marcussen (mastering engineer for the Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Seal, Cher, Paul McCartney, etc.) both contributed their expertise to this worthwhile project. Fine art photographer Roy DiTosti provided the image entitled "Blue Eggs Nest" which became the album cover.

Fragile Day by Wilderland was released digitally on iTunes on July 20, 2010 with 100% of the proceeds donated to three important charities helping the habitat affected by the Gulf Oil Spill Tragedy. These organizations include The Gulf Restoration Network, EarthShare and The WILD Foundation.

Wilderland is currently in the studio wrapping up their first album which is planned for release in 2011.



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